The Air Plus Technology

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Where does the Waste air in the house come from?

  • All activities in the house can create the air poisoning without knowing such as the smell of home paint, smoke and fat caused from home-made cooking or even the dirt that comes from pets
  • If we open the air-conditioning all the day, in fact the cool air from the air-conditioning actually comes from pulling the air in the room to process and then release the used air again. So we breathe the old used air into our lungs all the time. That’s why some people do not feel refreshed or feel sleepy when they wake up in the morning
  • In some case , we have to close the house for a long time such as when we have to travel for a long period of time, which cause the air inside the house cannot ventilate or transfer , thus makes the “Dead Air” which brings the bad smell to the house.
  • The dampness from the atmosphere in the new modern house which often avoid the sun and rain by design to be closing the house entirely which then cause the house to create the smelling damp and musty and also becomes a source of culture of bacteria, germ such as fungus and fomites.
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Automatic Control

The technology AirPlus is designed to work 24 hours automatically , through solar cell to allow the fresh air to be ventilated into the house all the time. The use of solar cell also save the use of electricity and is eco-friendly. Besides , the automatic ventilation system , the users can set the open-shut down the system as needed through the Controller Unit device.
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Smart Power Manager

  • 1. Solar power : The solar energy is a clean energy
  • 2. Hybrid : he combined use of energy consumption among the solar and electricity power in the house
  • 3. Sufficient : save the use of energy from electricity
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Well-planned ventilation

In the house, an installation of a Ventilation tube to exhaust the air inside the house through the air duct to the outside of the house. So the air constantly exchanges and circulates throughout the house which then also reduce the accumulate temperature and moisture