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Nantawan Serene Lake - Chiang Mai

The One & Only Lakefront Residence
The most beautiful luxury society in Chiang Mai The precious reward worthy for your success of life

Starting price from 16.5 MB

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นันทวัน แลนด์ แอนด์ เฮ้าส์ พาร์ค เชียงใหม่

Nantawan Land and Houses Park - Chiang Mai

The symbol of luxury society, classy and modern

Starting price from 15.29 MB

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นันทวัน อุดรธานี

Nantawan Udon Thani

THE BEST OF LUXURY : the utmost of the luxury society in the heart of Udonthani. Available only for 84 families for their private society with the highest security system designed.

Starting price from 12 MB

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Mantana NakhonPathom

Home and landscape design in European style which will fulfil the liveliness atmosphere with color, brightness and harmony.

Pricing from 4.2 - 10 MB

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Siwalee Lakeview-Chiang Mai

Single house amidst the scenery of Doi Suthep and the lake over 100 Rai

Starting price from 6.49 MB

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สีวลี มีโชค-เชียงใหม่

Siwalee Meechoke - Chiang Mai

The Art Of Urban Living : New experience of happiness, the art of living… in the city town society

Starting price from 4.89 MB

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สีวลี สันกำแพง-เชียงใหม่

Siwalee Sankampaeng - Chiang Mai

The Art Of Boutique Living : The art of living elegantly on the cultural road of Chiang Mai

Starting price from 4.89 MB

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สีวลี ถนนมิตรภาพ

Siwalee Mittraphap Road (Nakhon Ratchasima)

Most outstanding of Mittraphap Road before enter to Korat. The quality society which is ready to fulfil all the best for your family life.

Pricing from 4.46 - 15 MB

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สีวลี อุดรธานี

Siwalee Udon Thani

The art of living with the level of class in a level of superiority, more comfortable, more modern with the wide area of happiness in a style of contemporary resort.

Starting price from 4.29 MB

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สีวลี ถนนมะลิวัลย์

Siwalee Maliwan Road (Khon Kaen)

The best society of quality life in Khon Kaen with all design in every details to reflect the tastes of living for those who search for the best things for the family.

Starting price from 4.25 MB

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สีวลี ศรีเวียง-เชียงราย

Siwalee Srivieng - Chiang Rai

live your life with pride everyday

Starting price from 3.89 MB

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สีวลี มหาสารคาม

Siwalee Maha Sarakham

Fulfil completeness of living with the art of design and special emotional feelings in the atmosphere of the Luxury resort , the first place in Maha Sarakham

Pricing from 3.79 - 13 MB

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ชลลดา เชียงใหม่

Chonlada Land and Houses Park, Chiang Mai

• the charm of home in the atmosphere of lake. First time of outstsanding idea with the house in the lake atmosphere which has everything in prepared to start a new life and a charming family.

Starting price from 10.9 MB

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Prueklada Mahachai

Every answers for any family, everything completed here in Prueklada Mahachai
Quality project with Land and Houses Standard

Starting price from 3.86 MB

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inizio Koh Kaew Phuket

Reflect your modern life style , exclusively with the new design of single detached house in modern style which fulfil every "preparedness" for your living for better quality of life

Pricing from 5.22 - 8.5 MB

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inizio Chiang Mai

Your new house and happiness in a quality standard society of Land and Houses, among the nature and mountain view

Starting price from 3.69 MB

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inizio Maliwan Road (Khon Kaen)

New style of modern living, distintive style which surrounded with nature and a wide space of happiness in the relax and lively atmosphere

Starting price from 3.67 MB

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Villaggio San Sai - Chiang Mai

Vintage Ville, fascination of European style
the contemporary architecture beauty
and bright color of nature and beautiful garden
makes you feel like taking a rest in the beautiful city abroad.

Pricing from 2.23 - 7 MB

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Villaggio Ko Rian

The definition of beautiful house in quality society standard, distinguished with Urban Cottage style, taking care of every details to build the most beautiful and pleasant place in Ayutthaya.

Pricing from 2 - 4.05 MB

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indy Ayutthaya

New English Village
First time in Ayutthaya, under the concept of beautiful atmosphere of English style. New designed townhome in style of detached home, for starting a different life with style.

Pricing from 2 - 3 MB

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North Condo

Living on a prime location in Chiang Mai, amidst the exquisite scenery beyond any description

Starting price from 2.39 MB

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88 Land and Houses Hillside Phuket

Tropical Serenity …... The place where happiness happens every day

Starting price from 9.45 MB

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88 Land and Houses Koh Kaew Phuket

"Tropical Serenity" With the beauty of modern living, combine with the outstanding design, to become harmony with the nature and the large beautiful modern style house.

Starting price from 7.73 MB

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88 Land and Houses Phuket

Modern home office fit for Modern life @Phuket. Experience the Home office for new generation of businessmen in the society which serves for both working and living in every day .

Starting price from 7.39 MB

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